This page is simply a listing of the some of the cases tried by Cameron.  The point of this page is not to show that every case is won, but that Cameron is someone who will fight. 

Note: this is not an exhaustive list but is representative of recent cases tried.  These are not lists of cases that Cameron mediated, these are ones that he tried to decision.

North Carolina Industrial Commission

Connie Helf v. Sandpiper Bay Golf Club 244639

Phyllis Stutts v. American Legion 13-703742 

Charles Bell v. Alpha Mortgage 14-047555 

Cathy Monroe v. Century Care, X76202

Phyllis Stutts v. American Legion Wilington Post 10, 13-703742

Debra Ayers v. Blue Ridge Health Care, X24225

Reshelle Gainor v. Cumberland County Schools, X70989

Latina Simms v. Waffle House, W75540

Debra Knowles v. Wackenhut, 029574

Russell Holliday v. Gregory Poole, W97344

Kenneth McNeil v. Shawn McNeil, W61904 & PH-2513

Anthony Antelo v. Wal-Mart, 702263

Joyce Gardner v. Administrative Office of the Courts, W43954

Mary Sellers v. McArthur Supply, 677611

Mark Ward v. Ronald & Ryan Williamson, W67450

Jason Mullis v. Balfour Beaty, 15-713871